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Part 2: Public Relations Bootcamp

District 81 Family,

Yes! We have more in store for you this weekend with Part 2 of the Public Relations Bootcamp! Sponsored by, you guessed it, our Public Relations Manager. We know you have been asking for these topics, so come out to learn more and share too.

What are the topics of focus, you ask?

✅ First up, we have Video Creation! Did you know videos are the new content currency? If you want to know how to create great videos, the platforms best fit to use, content to consider, and the look and feel to achieve your goals, then this is a session you don’t want to miss.

✅ Wait, there is more…Social Media Management is an art form. If you want to learn more about the endless platforms available, fitness for purpose, engagement opportunities and tactics and opportunities to market your club, yourself or your current or future business….then secure your seat for this exciting module.

The skills you can develop through applying what you will learn can be used in the professional world to enhance your success!

Register at the link below to join us this Sunday at 2pm AST for the second round of Public Relations Bootcamp:

Get your Training on with D81’s Collaborative Training Program.









Flyer and Video Designed by PQD Melinda Lloyd

Reviewed by our DD, CGD and PRM

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