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Upcoming Course: Coaching the Club Coaches

District 81 Family,

Our next course offering is the ‘Coaching the Club Coaches’ Course sponsored by our Club Growth Director and one not to be missed.

If you are a coach or being coached by a Club Coach, or someone who would like to be a Club Coach or want to learn more about Coaching Strategies…then this Training session is for you!

✅ Coaches come out and learn strategies to engage the club, diagnose the club’s status and partner with the club to create and implement robust strategies that work.

✅ Club Leaders and Members, come out to learn more about engaging with your club coaches. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your researching, strategizing and motivating skillsets as transferable skills that will serve you well almost anywhere.

Register at the Link below to join us this next Saturday as we hear from Brahm Memone, DTM, Coach Expert at 7pm AST :

Get your Training on with D81’s Collaborative Training Program.


Flyer and Video Designed by PQD Melinda Lloyd

Reviewed by DD, PQ Team, CGD Team, PR Team

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