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Territories: CURACAO
Division Director: Ai Wha  Alcala
AREA 01: Curacao
Area Director - Maronne Drommond

00001884 S.V.B. Toastmasters Club "Facebook"

00002625 Simadan Toastmasters Club "Facebook"

00005685 Flamboyan Club "Facebook"

00596792 Emmastad Club "Facebook"

AREA 03: Curacao

Area Director -  Judith Goudberg

00002783 Health Care Club "Facebook"

00008970 Maduro & Curiel's Bank Club "Facebook"

00009546 Arrarat Club "Facebook"

01195384 KC Toastmasters Club "Facebook"

AREA 02: Curacao
Area Director: Nathaly Lobato de Windt


00008938 Trinitaria Toastmasters Club "Facebook Page"

00795509 Aqualectra Toastmasters Club "Facebook Page"

00750046 Concordia Toastmasters Club "Facebook Page"

07695242 Nilda Pinto Toastmasters Club "Facebook"

AREA 4: Curacao

Area Director: Sharine Minguel


00001606 Toastmasters Club B.N.A. "Facebook"

00003455 Kibrahacha Toastmasters Club "Facebook"

05099092 Excelsior CC "Facebook"

05960962 Zesty Advanced Toastmasters Club "Facebook"

07669915 ABVO Toastmasters Club "Facebook"

AREA 5: Curacao

Area Director -  Darrellyn Alberto

00003340 UoC Toastmasters Club "Facebook"

00676886 Ars Oratoria Advanced Toastmasters Club "Facebook

06589730 Baden Powell Toastmasters Club "Facebook"

00003790 Achievers Club "Facebook"

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