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When working on a PR Campaign, please browse through the Toastmasters Brand Manual. The rules and guidelines are right at your fingertips.

The official colors in HEX or RGB can be found.  What not to do with the Logo, and which are the official fonts of Toastmasters International.

PR Campaign 2- Promote Your Club in action.  Create a Photo of Your Own Club and Win a slot on our Homepage or the Club page.
Five winning pictures from around District 81 will be featured
on our main page of 
Additional pictures will be selected for our Division Club Pages.
Capture a moment in time at your club.  Feel free to get
inspiration from some of the pictures used by Toastmasters
International, and show us a picture of someone giving a speech
in your own club, a club group photo, interactions in your club
with members and/ or guests. The photo may include the entire
club or just a few people. 


  • People must look happy and attentive, enjoying the meeting or the company of each other.

  • Make sure that the picture has a clean look, without clutter (no mobile phone, no bags, no food and no drinks on the table if possible.

  • If a lectern is used, it must be with the Toastmasters logo or plain, but not that of the venue or another company.

  • If you are showing self- made Toastmasters materials, make sure they comply with the brand manual (see link above).

  • Bonus points when the Toastmasters branding is visible by means of e.g. banner, lectern, material and pins.

Picture resolution must be at least 800kb.

Deadline to submit photos: December 31, 2017

Results will be announced and uploaded by January 15, 2018


Each club can submit a maximum of 3 pictures per club.  All pictures received, remain property of District 81, and may be used at the discretion of District 81. Submit photos to the PRM team at:

PRM Photo 1
PRM Photo 2
PRM Photo 4
PRM Photo 5
PRM Photo 6
PRM Photo 7
PRM photo 1

Promote Your Club in Action

PR Campaign 1- Results

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