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Speakers Bureau

Speakers’ Bureau a team of talented speakers, prepared to deliver engaging presentations on topics of interest.”


The mission of Toastmasters International is to empower individuals to become effective communicators and leaders. In District 81 we want to promote this mission by facilitating your development with an opportunity to participate in a Speakers Bureau. As a member of the Bureau you will be provided with opportunities to present in or outside of Toastmasters.


District 81 (Caribbean Toastmasters) serves the Caribbean islands from Turks and Caicos in the north down to Guyana in the south. We are a boiling pot of languages with English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Papiamento.


The members of the Speakers Bureau are current members in good standing of Toastmasters International. All are experienced speakers who have completed one or more Toastmasters education awards. Some have achieved advanced speaking and leadership awards and have served in various capacities at the club and district levels.

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Speakers Bureau Requirements

➢ Be a paid member in good standing of an active Toastmasters Club

➢ Complete the Competent Communication Manual or complete Level 3 in Pathways

➢ Present a 15-20 minute Audition Speech before a panel who will evaluate and score your presentation

➢ Upon approval by the panel, submit your application to the Bureau

Speakers Bureau Requirements

➢ Be a paid member in good standing of an active Toastmasters Club

➢ Complete the Competent Communication Manual or complete Level 3 in Pathways

➢ Present a 15-20 minute Audition Speech before a panel who will evaluate and score your presentation

➢ Upon approval by the panel, submit your application to the Bureau



Sonia Monrose, DTM (Chairperson) -

Edwin Ato Augustine

Jason Cassius

Justine Charles, DTM

Sandra Lutchman, DTM


Speakers Bureau Representatives

Roxienne Albertina

DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) Roxienne M. Albertina joined the Toastmasters’ organization in the year 2005. Since she became a Toastmaster her main purpose was and is to be proactive and committed as Toastmaster to all members, clubs, areas, divisions, and districts. She is a former District leader and has served as Division Director, District Administration Manager, and Public Relations Manager. As an outstanding Toastmaster, she has accomplished many tasks, awards, and recognitions. Her slogan is: I am here to serve and assist! As a trainer, she is passionate and has conducted trainings in many countries as a certified Train-the-Trainer, such as: Among others in: Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Trinidad & Tobago, Dallas TX, Aruba, Curacao.

Donna W. Clarke

Ms. Donna Wilkinson-Clarke is an Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator of Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing training, and an Advisor on business process improvement. She holds a Master of Science in Marketing, a Bachelor of Science in Management (Hons), and an Associate Degree in Computer Studies. She completed training in Public Speaking, Supervisory, and Call Centre Management and is the recipient of numerous awards for Public Speaking. Donna led a vibrant Sales & Marketing Department at a leading manufacturing company in Barbados to redesign, expand and grow its retail division by over 40% over a four-year period. She is a consultant who offers specialized Sales and Marketing training and support services. She is a member of Toastmasters International. Past President and Vice President of Education of East Orators Toastmasters Club, Past Area 17, Area Director and a trained Yoga Instructor She is a mother of one, a health & wellness practitioner, poet, author, and a lover of the Art.


Brenda Maynard 

 DTM Brenda has served the District 81 in various capacities such as:

  • Secretary and VPPR of Soualiga Toastmasters Club 2013

  • President of Soualiga Corporate Toastmaster club 2014 - 2015

  • Division E Director in 2017-2018, runner up Division Director 

  • Club Growth Director of 2018-2019. Together with her team brought D81 to third in the world in Membership Retention. 

  • Program Quality Direct 2019-2020.


Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic bringing the program to its zenith by focusing on education and training programs and bringing the clubs to earn their DCP goals and become Distinguished Clubs, thereby meeting the needs of the members in achieving their goals on their Toastmasters’ journey.  Earning her TI prestigious PQD Excellent award 2020.  Her goal as DD 2020/2021 is to leave District 81 better than she met it. 
Toastmaster Brenda is a dedicated Mother of two and grandmother. Her large family is her village of success, members.


Eartha Cassius

Distinguished Toastmaster Eartha Cassius is a charter member of both Sugar City and CFBC Excellence Toastmasters Clubs in St. Kitts where she was born and raised. She has already completed her first PATH in Innovative Planning and is currently engaged in 2 PATHS, Visionary Communication and Engaging Humor.

Shavonne Bryan.png

Shavonne Bryan

Shavonne Bryan is a 28 year old Toastmaster who joined Toastmasters International in 2018 and has attained he Highest Honor  within the Organisation as a Distinguished Toastmaster in 2021. He is the current  President of the Public Service Toastmasters Club in Saint Lucia. From 2018, he has served his club's executive as a mentor jand coach,  assisted  on district committees within the Caribbean, and was the Club Coach  for Rainbow City troastmasters Club in Grenville Grenada.  Shavonne Bryan is a full-time  entrepreneur as a pest control operator, he a part-time  speech  coach  under the name Communicate_Pro and is the founder  of The Communicate Project tw"hich seeks to empower young people  into leadership through  soft skills training. He is also noted for his participation at Saint Lucia's  Independence 41's Prime  Minister  in the airing of Youth Parliament in 2020.

Toastmaster Shavonne Bryan is a former youth parliamentarian in Saint Lucia and describes himself as one who exudes the passion for Communication, Public Speaking, and Leadership in all that he does.


Anthony Kitchens

Anthony R. Kitchens is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who came from modest means, ultimately growing very successful companies and providing opportunities for many people around the world. Tony has viewed each success and challenge he encountered, as building blocks as opposed to obstacles. How do we harness the fear and overcome the pain to move forward? Tony shares his story, with the goal of inspiring others to recognize and live up to the greatness that each of us have within. 


Annick Jackman

Annick Jackman is a charter member of the first club in the Cayman Islands and the first home grown Distinguished Toastmaster. During her 21 years in the programme, she has mentored clubs and many members.


She made history by becoming the first toastmaster from the Cayman Islands to win the Caribbean District Speech Championship and represented the Caribbean at the semi-finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2018. She is the 2021 Division B Evaluation Champion.


Annick has hosted webinars with several world champions of Public Speaking and in 2020, she launched a new series of Master Classes for the Caribbean. This series consists of conversations with some of the most dynamic Caribbean personalities from story tellers to economists.


She is the Executive Director for the National Trust of the Cayman Islands and to keep herself extra busy, she is a blogger and an author of children's books called "Donna the Iguana".


Nora Mujica 

Born in San Juan, P.R.  The youngest of 4 siblings. My parents expose me to music, singing, acting since I was a child. In 1998 participated in a beauty contest, and didn't win (I didn't know about Toastmasters, haha). Studied a Bachellor in Business administration and a Master and Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. Now I'm looking for new opportunities to expand my line of work as a public speaker and mentor in the area of Women Leadership.


Mariely S. Martinez - Vazquez

Branding Consultant & Marketing Strategist who has been coaching, mentoring and training entrepreneurs & professionals for over a decade about their personal branding
and marketing strategies. Part-time marketing professor for undergrad college students since 2011. 
She started podcasting in 2015 and she is fully bilingual in both English and Spanish.

Photo Ibi-Mina .jpg

Ibi-Mina Edwards

Ibi-Mina Edwards is a focused, ambitious entrepreneur. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of A1 Innovative Business Services, a business built on exceptional service to her community. Ibi-Mina brings over fifteen years of professional business experience to her business, which offers services such as Marketing, Documentation, Recruitment, Electrical, Visas and Soft Skills training. Over the years she has done several workshops, seminars and trade shows for Guyanese and other Caribbean businesses. As a business school lecturer, she was awarded Top Paper Lecturer Award 2019 for the ABE Enterprising Organization Level 4 program.

Ibi-Mina, Immediate Past President, has been a member of the Georgetown Toastmasters Club for 8 (eight) years where she is sharpening her public speaking and leadership skills. She received the Club’s President Award in 2019, competed in club contests and received the following awards: -


  • Best speaker, Georgetown Toastmasters Club Debate Competition

  • First place Humorous, Table Topics and Debating Contests

  • Best speaker, Georgetown Toastmasters Club Debate competition

  • Georgetown Toastmaster Club Toastmaster of the Year Award

Ibi-Mina has also appeared as a guest speaker on local radio and television, chaired Toastmasters and several other events in Guyana and was a representative for companies in Trinidad, Suriname and Canada.  At present, she continues to actively pursue her personal development through Toastmasters and work intentionally to grow a world-class business that continues to provide exceptional service.


Sandra Anthony

My very first job was as a swimming instructor and lifeguard at the YMCA. I also worked as a secondary school teacher, programme supervisor at the YMCA and then as CEO of the YMCA of Trinidad and Tobago, a post I held for over 30 years. During and after this time, I served as Caribbean Coordinator for YMCAs and as a member of the World YMCA Executive Committee. I helped found Veni Apwann, a capacity-building NGO, which I now head. I have been a Toastmaster for 6 years.

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