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Photography Competition Winner - Most Adherence to Theme

Winner of the category

Most Adherence to Theme

Toastmaster Marilyn Johnson

Sugar City Toastmasters Club

Basseterre, Saint Kitts

From where did the club get the inspiration for the photograph?

The picture was inspired by the need to depict a popular and picturesque area of Saint Kitts. We wanted to capture and share the beauty of the island, while displaying our flag and the Toastmasters banner.

What was the thought process of the club members?

Our intention was to depict a historic site, such as Brimstone Hill, the Gibraltar of the West Indies. We then decided on the Timothy Hill Overlook on the southeastern peninsula of the island, which is often visited by tourists because of its breath-taking view. We also wanted to depict the colours in our flag of which we are so proud.

How did you and your club members feel having won the category Most Adherence to Theme?

The club members were elated. We were happy that we have an opportunity to be featured and to showcase the beauty of our island.

Sugar City Toastmasters Club expresses appreciation to all the members who showed their support and contributed their ideas and suggestions for the photograph.

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