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Interview with Toastmaster Angeline Tromp, Division Director H

Member of Yamanota Toastmasters Club, Aruba.

Her motto: Be like Nike. Just do it! Do not limit yourself by fear.

What was your reason for joining Toastmasters in 2011?

I was brought to Toastmasters by a friend of mine because she thought that Toastmasters would be the right organization for me to become a proficient speaker and also work on my leadership skills. She invited me to an educational meeting of Aruba Toastmasters Club, and that is how I got acquainted with Toastmasters and started my journey.

In 2019 you represented Aruba at the International Speech Contest which was held at the District Conference in Bonaire. What was the experience like?

It was definitely something that I had on my bucket list because I competed in 2012 and I came second. I was always determined to work on my public speaking skills and knew that one day I would be the candidate to represent Aruba at the District level. I enjoyed that experience very much because it gave me the opportunity to grow, empower myself and become a much better public speaker.

You are a member of several clubs in Aruba as well as internationally, and have served at executive positions in those clubs. How do you manage your time between the clubs in the performance of club roles?

When I rekindled my journey with Toastmasters, there was one particular Toastmaster who advised me that it is best to work with a plan. I started planning my programme year and all the educational goals that I wanted to achieve. I am so infatuated with Toastmasters that I am a member of several clubs. I just love it because every club has its particular character that gives you that bit of sparkle to become a better public speaker or leader. You grow from every meeting that you join and that is why I am a member of several Toastmasters Clubs.

What were some of the goals that you have set for the Division and now that we are almost nine months into the term, do you think that you would have achieved all of those goals?

I usually work with a plan, but life happens. I have achieved some of the goals. I still have three months, and I can make it happen. One thing is to remain resilient and work towards your personal goal as well as the goals of Toastmasters.

Which goals have you not achieved and is three months enough time to achieve the remaining goals?

An extremely creative idea for a membership drive was proposed at our club officer training, and I would like to see it materialize. In three months, I can still make it happen because it will contribute to the clubs in Division H, as member retention has been one of the challenges in the Division due to the impact of COVID-19.

Toastmasters is an awesome organization, and we need to have a membership drive whereby the clubs can benefit. I am confident that I can make it happen as it takes a significant amount of energy to keep your clubs at membership strength.

One of the items on your bucket list is to speak at a TEDx conference. Do you think being a Toastmaster can help you achieve that feat?

I am convinced that being a Toastmaster will help me to become a better public speaker. I would also like to become an accredited speaker. In working towards becoming a TEDx speaker, sometimes it scares me and then I ask myself, why would you have it on your bucket list? I will not let fear limit me, and I will continue to work towards it. One day you will hear Angeline Trump is a TEDx speaker.

What message do you want to send to the members of your Division as you come to end of your term?

One thing that we observe is that everyone is limited by fear when they join Toastmasters. I have a motto, and I believe that the motto should be applied to everyone. “Be like Nike. Just do it!” Sometimes when you sit and contemplate, you are limited by fear. If you pick it up, tackle it and just do it, then you will look back and say, “that was a piece of cake.”

Enjoy your Toastmasters journey and benefit from it to the maximum, because whenever you say no, you will be limiting yourself. Say yes and go for it and do it, because you will be thankful for your growth.

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