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Join us at Immerse 2022!

On April 2, we host our first of its kind Immersive Event – Immerse 2022!

The purpose of Immerse is to showcase our Toastmasters Platform to Corporate Caribbean with the intention of stimulating interest in these corporate entities creating new clubs and/or corporate delegates joining our existing clubs. This will be a boost for Areas without new clubs and clubs who are seeking new members.

We often hear that Toastmasters is a well-kept secret. Well not anymore, let's close the gap and show the Corporate Caribbean who we are and why our Programme works and grow our community.

This is also an opportunity for you to complete your ‘Making Connections Through Networking Project’.

Here is the link to register Share with your colleagues and friends Got questions? Call +1-876-282-3791 or +5999 529- 3011. Caribbean Toastmasters: Where Leaders Are Made | D81 Marketing Team: Club Growth Team 2021-2022 #immerse2022 #toastmastersexperiene #caribbeantoastmasters #district81 #toastmasters #toastmastersinternational #whereleadersaremade #caribbean

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