Fellow Toastmasters, 


We all join Toastmasters International for different reasons, most people join to better their communication skills, but there is more to our organization than that. Toastmasters International is also: “WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE.”


Leadership involves establishing a vision by providing the information, knowledge, and methods to realize that vision so that others will follow willingly. By joining Toastmasters International you are taking charge of your professional development, which you can apply amongst friends, family, and colleagues.


Becoming a leader is a matter of mentality and experience and Toastmasters is the perfect community to build both. It’s a supportive and positive environment, filled with opportunities to plan events, build teams and mentor others. Stepping up and taking on a District Leadership position will give you ample opportunity to grow.


​Each year, elections are held at our May conference to choose individuals to serve at the District level. Now is your chance to take on this path. To assist you, please find attached the Call for Nomination form with descriptions of the various roles.


Also attached are the following documents which must be submitted:


1. Officer Agreement and Release Form

2. Candidate Application

3. District Leader Nomination

4. District Officer Biographical Info


Forward completed forms to nominations@caribbeantoastmasters.com for the positions of:

1. District Director

2. Program Quality Director

3. Club Growth Director 

4. Division Director (all Divisions)

5. Area Directors (all Areas)


Forward completed forms to dd@caribbeantoastmasters.com for the positions of:

1. Public Relations Manager

2. Administration Manager


Nominations can be submitted from December 1, 2019. The last day to submit will be January 15, 2020. All candidates will be contacted with further information. ​ Incomplete and/ or ineligible nominations will not be considered.


To be able to carry out the responsibility of a District Leader you should be equipped. This will be done during the District Leader Training at the May Conference in Aruba. This training will prepare you to be successful in your role. As you are submitting your nomination, plan also to attend the conference. The first part of the District Leader training is on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, and the second part is on the Sunday morning of the Conference. Plan accordingly to invest in your District Leader year. Registration now is favorable for those attending the District Leader training on Wednesday and Sunday. Register now at the registration link and pay before February 2020 for the special deal.


Call for Nominations info is also on our District website



FABulously yours,


Fabiola Cleofa, DTM
District Director, District 81
599 9 512 0092

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