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How To Write A Speech In 5 Minutes

J. A. Gamache

J A Gamache August png web.png

Would you like to speed up your speechwriting process? Does it feel sometimes that your ideas are not clear enough when you write a speech? During this workshop, J.A. Gamache will teach you a simple 4 steps process to organize your ideas in 5 minutes so you can craft speeches which are clear, easy to follow and really matters to the audience,



J.A. Gamache is a bilingual (French and English) speaker from Montreal, Canada. He won Toastmasters' District 61 international speech contest 14 times and once placed 3rd at the World Championship of Public Speaking. He also once was the president of Montreal's Chapter of the Canadian Association of Public Speakers (CAPS).


His book, "Jitters or not, HERE I COME! The 3 conditions to end the fear of public speaking once and for all & 77 tips to deal with what happens on stage » is available at


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