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District 81 comprises 26 Territories from Haiti in the north to Guyana in the south, with representation from the French, Spanish, Dutch and English Caribbean. The district impeccably epitomizes the true Caribbean unity. There are 44 areas in the district, 156 clubs and over 7500 members. District 81 is vibrant and growing.


Club Login Challenge: "FIND YOUR PATH"

2017-2018 Proposed Club Realignment

Login on Toastmasters International and help your club be one the top 20 clubs to complete the challenge.

Let's see which clubs in District 81 get the most members to register for this challenge? When more members participate and upload their results, your club has a bigger chance in being one of the top 20 clubs. Members should login on the Toastmasters International website:

  • Go to their personal profile

  • Answer the 4 questions below

  • Report the answers to their club VPE

  • The VPEs will submit all the information to their Area Director or Pathways Ambassadors as per instructions. VPEs will be contacted at a later date.

The first 20 clubs with the highest percentage of members that visit the international website and report the correct answers will get recognized on our website, and in a flyer.

Find Your Path Questions.  All four questions must be answered to be valid.

  1. Verify your account information. Edit if needed and report: "Updated dd/mm/yy"

  2. Go to "membership History" and report the following

    1. From the oldest data line write the row# (e.g. line xx)

    2. Club ID #

    3. Club Name

    4. Join Date

    5. End Date

  3. Go to "Education Awards". Report the 1st ever award received if any. (If none, report 0)

    1. Education Program

    2. Completion Date

    3. Club

  4. Go to the individual Sponsorship History" Report total members sponsored over the years if any. If none, report 0.

If you have never logged in on the Toastmasters International (TI) website, please follow these simple steps so you can participate in this fun game and help your club win this recognition.

Is this your first time logging in to










Username: use the email* address you signed up when you became a member or your membership #.

Password: forgot password

It will now let you reset your password. It will ask you to type in your email address, and TI will send a reset password to your email address.  Use this new password to login.  Once you are logged in, you can change it to a password you can easily remember. Now you are ready to participate in this fun campaign.

*This is the email TI sends you correspondence. If you can't  remember, ask your VPE or any Club Officer to check this for you in Club Central- Club Roster.

Upload your results to your club's VPE. The Club VPE emails all the received answers of the club to the assigned Pathways Guide.


Campaign ends on March 31, 2018.

Results will be published Sunday, April 15th, 2018

Excellence = 7 Campaign

Every year, there are two Club Officer Training offered.  The training are held between the following dates:

June- August 2017

December 2017- February 2018

Plan to attend both officer training, and for all clubs that attend with all 7 club officers, your club will be entered in a sweepstakes to win a set of club officer pins. The raffle will be held at the May 2018 conference.

New Club Offer Extended

District 81 is pleased to announce that the New Club Offer has been extended from Jan 1- March 31, 2018.

Keep track of all the members your club reinstates.  Be it former members of your club, or another club.  If your club can encourage them out of "retirement", your club can add them to your list.  Remember to click on reinstatement when uploading the member in Club Central. Add a copy of the sheet that shows that the member was reinstated, and get credit from District 81 in this campaign.

Triple Crown

How can your club be Distinguished?

Every educational year, our clubs have the chance to work towards their goals again with a new group of Executive Officers. What is your clubs' goal this year?  Become Distinguished (DCP 5 or 6), Select Distinguished (DCP 7 or 8) or President Distinguished DCP 9 or 10). Clubs are encouraged to download the Distinguished Club Program Guide.  It is a great tool when making your Club's Success Plan, and it explains exactly what is needed to become distinguished or better.

Download: English, French or Spanish.













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