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2023 District 81 Conference

Our 2023 District 81 conference will be a virtual event and it will be held from

May 17 to May 21​​​​, 2023 in the spice isle of the Caribbean, Grenada!

D81 Conference 2023.png

Join us for Excite 2023: Excite, Ignite and Reunite, the annual virtual conference hosted by District 81 Toastmasters, the Caribbean Toastmasters Community.


With 28 territories, 200+ clubs, and over 4000 members, Excite 2023 is the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow Toastmasters from across the Caribbean.


Our Conference, to be hosted by Territory Grenada, promises to be an unforgettable virtual experience filled with exciting events, educational sessions, thrilling contests, and special ceremonies and summits. Attendees can also participate in Caribbean Challenge quizzes, mindfulness and meditation sessions, and much more.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to ignite your passion, inspire others, and reunite with the District 81 Toastmasters Community.


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For more information about the upcoming 2023 District 81 Conference, please contact the team via the following emails:;

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