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District Director's Message

July 1, 2023



Extraordinary People


When many think of the Caribbean, they envision beautiful beaches and picturesque forests—a land to vacation and unwind. But when I look at the Caribbean, I see something far more profound: a remarkable people—extraordinary, resilient, and brimming with untapped talent and boundless creativity that extends beyond what we currently know and see.


This year, all of us, as District Leaders, have the privilege of serving over 3000 members who make up the Caribbean Toastmasters community in pursuit of honing their skills, expanding their networks, and building capacity to make an impact both within and beyond Toastmasters.


As we stand at the helm of this New Year, I am immensely proud to be part of this community—not just because I know we are blessed and highly favoured, but because I believe that the limitless potential within us can help us achieve so much more.


Set Your Goals

  • I urge you to take a moment and be crystal clear about your goals. What do you aspire to achieve in the next year and beyond? What measurable outcomes do you wish to attain in the next 31,536,000 seconds, 8,760 hours, and 365 days that lie before us, with each passing unit brimming with golden opportunities waiting to be seized?


  • Use this clarity as the beacon that illuminates your path, the fuel that propels you forward, and then craft a comprehensive plan to conquer these goals this year. Share your aspirations with your Club President and Vice President Education so that together, they can align club meetings, initiatives, and activities to support this next leg of your transformative journey.


  • Armed with this plan, step forward confidently and deliver like a boss!


Taking Flight Together


We are diverse, vibrant, and full of energy! Together, we represent 28 nations, yet we stand united as one community, driven by the desire to win at life while serving others. Let us keep winning in everything we do, delivering our best and reaping the rewards of our time and monetary investment.


It is time to board our flight to higher heights. Fasten your seatbelts, for we are about to embark on a year of excellence and maximum drive.


As we travel together, always remember who we are—a peculiar people, resilient, and blessed with unbridled talents. 


Let's embrace this New Year with open hearts and determination, supporting one another to reach new heights of personal and collective growth. Together, we shall inspire and ignite the flames of greatness within us all.


WE are the District 81 | Caribbean Toastmasters: empowering heart cells, and empowering mindsets.


With unwavering belief in our potential,

Melinda Lloyd, DTM

District Director, District 81


Meet District 81 Leadership Team

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